Q. DO i have to call you every time i need service at my commercial location?

A. no! If you are under contract with us we will be monitoring every storm that may produce snow and ice. We will plan out our routes accordingly and service your lot as needed. No need to call unless there is a special circumstance.

Q. What if my commercial property doesn't need service for certain days of the week? Are you still going to service it?

A. we will only service your property when you need it serviced.

Q. How do you bill?

A. We send out invoices immediately after services, we can accept credit card, checks or Bank transfer.

q. can i get service if i don't have a contract?

A. Maybe, we operate by contracts with our clients. they receive first priority and then if time allows we can service your property. However, for the best of both of our interests, please ask for a quote preferably no later than 11/1 so that we can accurately look at your site and flag off the perimeter if neccessary. We do not give out quotes same day as storms.