When it comes to your commercial lot, foot traffic can become a big risk during a winter storm. That's why we believe in a zero-tolerance approach to all winter storms. What this means is that, when we know there is going to be winter precipitation in your area, we will pre-treat your lot with chemical to keep the snow from bonding to the surface. We will then commence our snow plowing operations typically after snowfall reaches 2 inches. After the storm is done and your lot is cleared of snow, we will then provide another layer of chemical treatment to keep the lot from refreezing.


Anti-icing or pre-treating is a proactive approach where we provide chemical to your lot or walks PRIOR to removing any snow. This keeps a wet layer between the snow and surface allowing the snow to be removed nicely from the surface. When lots are not pre-treated, snow will become packed from tires and foot traffic eventually turning everything into compacted snow/ice. This is then very hard to remove and will need more chemical than what is used in pre-treating to loosen and break through the ice and snow. Then we must scrap with our plows or shovels and apply more chemical when finished.  BSI recommends anti-icing as the most cost effective and safest approach.


Deicing services are a reactive service and are utilized after plowing services or when there is an icing event. We apply chemical to the lot or walks to keep snow melt from refreezing, creating black ice or to melt ice on your property.