Each year millions of people succumb to slip and fall incidents that could have been prevented simply by having a proactive approach to snow and ice removal in order to optimize safety and minimize unnecessary claims and lawsuits. “The average injury claim for a pedestrian slip and fall injury on ice in a parking lot is $18,000 to $30,0000; and worker’s compensation claims are higher at $25,000 to $45,000 per claim.” (SIMA, Winter’s a Game of Risk, 30 Oct 2017) Boise Snow and Ice is proactive with training, communication, and a zero-tolerance approach to all winter events.

All employees are trained in proper equipment use and lot safety assessments. Due to the wide number of equipment used, each employee can effectively use the spreaders, plows, and
deicers to best support each location.

A preseason visit allows Boise Snow and Ice to assess and understand the customers’ needs and uses for each location. Post events, the customer will receive a written explanation of service. This initial assessment and service report will provide customers with the peace of mind that the location has been cleared and risks have been mitigated.

Finally, with snow events often being unpredictable, Boise Snow and Ice will provide the customer with 24/7 weather monitoring with a zero-tolerance approach to winter storms by pretreating surfaces, clearing the location of snow fall, and a follow-up post treatment to prevent black ice and/or re-freeze.