Storm MOnitoring/equipment technology/contingency plans

Prior to the start of our winter operations, we will go through our properties and do a preseason site inspection. This is to make note of any prior damage or any changes to the parking lot or walks. We will also flag the lot if needed so that when there is snow on the ground, we have a clear understanding of where the parking lot is located. This ensures less damage to your property and better results. BSI monitors the weather 24/7 to ensure that we are providing the best service to our customers.

BSI is equipt with state of the art technology such as GPS and special weather apps to provide accurate up to the date weather information so that we can battle each winter event with greatest effectiveness.

BSI watches the weather several days in advance so that our plan for each winter event can change as the weather changes. In the case of the "larger than normal" storms, we make sure we have a contingency plan in place so that we are able to keep each property open even during the roughest of storms as well as keeping our drivers and shovel crews well rested.

After the winter weather is over for the year, we will do a post inspection and remove our flags/equipment that may be on the property.